Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Water Balloon in a Bottle

 More water fun, with a little air pressure thrown in. 
I saw this on the Steve Spangler web site.
Put a balloon into a 1 liter bottle.
 Try and blow it can't.  The bottle is not empty. It is full of air that takes up space.  The balloon cannot expand.
 Use a pushpin to put a hole into the bottom of the bottle.
Now try and blow up the balloon.
 You can do it!  The air in the bottle goes out the hole in the bottom of the bottle.
(It is hard to blow up, but you can do it)
Next, take your finger, or duck tape and cover the hole...the air remains in the balloon, even with the cover off the bottle.
While still holding your finger over the hole, fill the balloon with water.
 Go outside.  This could be a trick that you can play on someone, but we all watched the video on the Steve Spangler site so we were ready.
 Remove your finger (or the duck tape) from the bottle....air rushes into the bottle through the hole and forces the water out of the balloon.
After our original trick, we filled the balloon with water again.  With Amy's help, I got it tied off without having a shower.  Now we have a water balloon in a bottle.
This can really stump people.
Have fun with science!

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

Totally cool! We love Steve Spangler.