Monday, June 30, 2014

2014--Fourth of July T-Shirts

 After a 2 year hiatus, we made some great 4th of July t-shirts this afternoon.
I found the idea on pinterest and it is from this website.
 The first step is to simply draw stars onto freezer paper.  (I never heard of ironing freezer paper onto learn something new everyday)
 I purchased regular Froot of the Loom colored shirts.  I placed cereal boxes inside the side to prevent bleeding from one side to the other.
 After the stars are cut out, iron them onto the shirts using a medium iron.
I did a few stars on each side of the shirt.
 Now, talk to the children about the dangerous aspect to this part of the process. We filled a spray bottle with bleach and a touch of water.  We also used this mixture in squirt guns.   Bleach is poison, and I stressed it was only to be sprayed on the shirts.
I used a little spray bottle to go around the stars....I could have used a little less but this was our first try at this type of shirt.  The sunshine bleached the cloth in just a couple minutes.
 Then the kids went at it with the squirt guns. 
 I then turned the shirts over and they squirted the can see the cool lines appearing on the back of Kimberly's shirt.
The big kids now want shirts. I know now that less bleach will do just fine, and that we will have to move quicker.  The freezer paper isn't waterproof, so some of the bleach did leak through the stars.
 Quickly bring the shirts in and rinse in the sink until you have removed most of the bleach.
The final step is to wash them in the washing machine.
 We're very happy with the final results!!
You can check out our past t-shirts over here.
Happy Fourth of July!!

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