Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Opening the Box- Green Kid Crafts-July Box

 We recently received our first Green Kid Crafts box.  This was the July box.
They do not offer a sibling subscription, so I ordered 2 boxes for Luke and Kim. (For 2 boxes they have reduced pricing--which is very nice)
 The box was packed very nicely, with an overview of the projects on top.
The back of the overview is a fact card. This months subscription is all about water science.
Perfect for summertime fun.
 Each activity is individually packaged with everything needed included.  Everything included was very good quality.
 The first project we worked on was about water absorption. The instructions were very clear and the kids could read and follow the directions on their own.  (One problem I had was that they spelled "absorption" wrong on the overview card---this really annoyed me.)
 Luke filling his cup with water.
 Then you added the color tablet to each cup of water---stir well.
 Insert a rolled dry paper towel from the filled cups into an empty cup in the middle.
We then watched the capillary action of the water and paper towels.
This didn't happen as fast as the kids wanted, so we turned the activity card over and did the next experiment.
 We took another paper towel (all included) and drew dots with markers that were also included in the box.
 Place the edge of the paper towel into the capillary action of the water as it carried the colors toward the top of the paper towel....the kids were very impressed with this.
 In the mean time our cups of colored water were doing amazing things.
The water was climbing the paper towel and flowing into the middle cup. As the yellow and blue mixed, green water appeared.
 The final results.  We saved this on the table until Daddy got home from work.
We all agreed this was a great experiment.
 The next day we continued with our box. 
We tried the paper marbling---but this did not work for us.  We were disappointed.  I think the choice of paint they included in both boxes didn't work for this.  We followed the directions exactly.
I don't have a finished product to show.
On the other hand, the wooden boat was a complete success.
Again, everything was included in the box.
 Luke painting his boat.
 Kimberly decorating her sail.
Luckily, we have the perfect little creek in our backyard woods.
Also included in the box was many water balloons for more fun, and also links to other water experiments. On the back of the boat instructions were the instructions for making an ice boat. 
That will be tomorrow's fun.
There are also links to more water experiments. (We have tried a can see them here.)
Overall we really enjoyed Green Kid Crafts and will continue to subscribe.

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Tamalyn L. said...

Thanks for sharing!

How do you like these in comparison to the Kiwi Crate boxes? We've found some of the Kiwi crate projects to be a bit disappointing, but love the fact they come every month.

Would love your thoughts - thanks!