Sunday, July 20, 2014

Which is more dense--salt water or fresh water?

 I found another great water experiment.
Which is heavier, salt water or fresh water?
Supplies needed:
2 clear glasses
ice cubes
food coloring
 Fill the glasses 3/4 the way full.  Our glasses held about 1 cup of water each.
 Add 2 tablespooons of water to one of the glasses.
 stir well
 Add ice cubes to each glass.
 We added food coloring to the salt water solution first.
 This is what it looked like.
 Then, Kimberly added food coloring to the fresh water glass.
 This is what it looked like.
Conclusion:  The ice melted slightly in each glass--leaving fresh water on the top surface of the salt water.  The salt water is heavier than the fresh water--the food coloring stayed on the top, in the fresh water.  The food coloring in the fresh water spread into the water immediately.
And that proves that salt water is more dense than fresh water.

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