Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moreland the Magician

 David Moreland performed a wonderful show for both kids and adults alike.
He is very funny, and there was much laughter as the show went on.
 Making the typical party balloon animals, the only difference is the fact that "Professor Dave" involves all the children, keeping them laughing from beginning to end.
 Moreland the Magician can come to your child's birthday party or visit their school.  All kids, young and old, will enjoy this show.
 Professor Dave then had some audience members take part in a little play.
Luke was Evil Steve with a diabolical laugh.....the whole show was soooooo funny!
"Sinister Luke", professor Dave, and  Kimberly.
The kids all checked out magic books on the way out of the library.
We are looking forward to seeing Professor Dave at another local library soon.

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