Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Water Experiments--Colorful Dissolving Candy--Kitchen Science

 I found a few candy experiments over at the Steven Spangler blog.  This one with Gobstoppers is great for having the kids make a hypothesis.  Will the colors mix, which color dissolves faster, what happens when a new color is reached?
 I love how these colors have such distinctive edges...the colors do not mix! (not our hypothesis)
 Once the next color is reached, the more colors are in the bowl, yet separate.
 Our bowl after the next color in the gobstopper has been reached.
This is an easy, fun experiment with water.
 Another fun water and candy experiment is the M&M experiment.
What happens when the water dissolves the candy coating on the outside of an M%M?
Something pretty cool.
 The water of the dissolved colors was great, but the biggest science discovery is the fact that the printed letter "m" does NOT dissolve in water. Above and below you can see the "M's" floating in the water.
Tomorrow I will be back to post about the opening of our new Green Kid Crafts box.
This months box was "Water Science". We have every aspect of it.

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