Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preschool days..Letter F--Week 2

Week 2 of "letter f" learning fun.
Everything we did doesn't follow the letter "f" learning plan, but it certainly counted as school.
I wanted to introduce some sight words to Kim and Luke.
This week it was the words "stop" and "go".
For these words, I simply made signs of red and green construction paper.
It was all fun from then on. We played "follow" the word, and jumped when the sign said "go" and stopped when the sign said "stop".
In this way, they learned these words very quickly, and they now can pick them out on worksheets and in books we read.
In the past two weeks, both kids have learned to read and spell their last names.
Everyday we simply sang the letters of our last name, and then I would write it on a piece of paper, which Kim and Luke would trace.
I also scrambled our alphabet letters spelling our name. At first I had the name written down and the kids matched up the letters correctly.
By the end of the two weeks, both kids can spell their last name!
(They can spell it and read it---they can't always write it yet--writing seems to be quite hard for Luke(just turned 5)---Kimberly(just turned 4) is almost able to write it correctly everytime.
I subscribe to Weekly Reader and Scholastic's Clifford the Big Red Dog magazines.
Above is the Clifford magazine about "f"rogs.
The kids enjoy these "newspapers" soooo much. Each issue has a "big" copy that we always use as a poster. While it hangs up for the week, we review the subject over and over again.
I absolutely loved this coloring page. Kim and Luke, not so much. In fact--they only colored on it for a few minutes--I think it was just too intricate for them.
"F" if for flower.
We just love this game.
We received it a few years ago to review, and we give it 4 stars!!
I am glad we were able to review it, because if we didn't, I wouldn't have been able to purchase is very expensive.
It is expensive, but it is also absolutely gorgeous---with all heavy wooden pieces and lovely detail.
You have to roll dice and choose green leaves or colored petals. You may need to string the hungry caterpillar that comes chomping the flowers.
The pieces are held to the stem and flower with magnets that are within the wooden pieces.
Our complete flower garden.
"F" is for fruit.
A lot of fruit was sorted this week.
Robert McCloskey was our special author of the week.
You can find many links to activies involving Robert McCloskey books at this site.
As a craft we made coffee filter flowers.
For this craft you need:
coffee filters
washable markers
First, decorate the coffee filter with colored markers. They more colors the better.
After coloring with markers, drip water onto the coffee filter---the marker spreads out.
Squeezing the medicine dropper is great exercise for little fingers.
Mark made a brown-eyed susan.
Once they got going---the kids made A LOT of flowers!!
After the coffee filters were dry (use a blow dryer is you want to speed this step up), gather the coffee filter up in the center and twist a green pipecleaner around the "flower" to make a stem.
We gave our flowers to Our Blessed Mother.
Happy children whom I am sure made the Blessed Mother Mary very happy!
"F" is for frog-and frog puppet.
Our frogs have been hopping all over the house!
We got out the Do a Dot paint to finish the "F" is for fish printable.

"F" is for french fry. Our favorite "f" food.
Also fudge and french toast are big hits.

An "f" made of frogs.
"Five Little Speckled Frogs"
This was our song of the week.
Our frog books.
The favorite was Face to Face with Frogs.
Big Frog Can't Fit In was also a hit.
It's great to get a pop-up book from the library that isn't all ripped.
Kim made an "F" out of legos (I didn't even ask her to make it) :-)
We were lucky enough to have big grand finale to "F" week.
Daddy caught us a toad, and we learned in Face to Face With Frogs that a toad is a frog that has adapted to living on land.

Next week we will move on the next letter in our book Get Ready for the Code---"Bb".
Our featured author will be Jan Brett.


MoziEsmé said...

Wow - what a packed week! I love it!

Anonymous said...

..... you made stop and go signs..... or did your daughter????

Rhonda said...

Wonderful work! You have all been so busy!