Friday, June 11, 2010

Preschool Days--Letter B--week 3

We have moved on to the "letter Bb" in our Get Ready For the Code workbooks.
We are also going to take the time to learn a new bible story every week, and do some sort of science investigation.
The first stop of the week was First School to print out our letter of the week and to have some practice cutting.
Decorating a "Big B" with buttons.
I love how these turned out.
They now hang on our "Bb" wall.
Making "Bb's" out of playdough.
Luke's playdough Bb's
I got out the Lauri puzzles: butterfly,
bird and bug.
Last week on our exciting trip to the mall, I found this new puzzle--Find It! ABC.
After you put the puzzle together you can use the alphabet cards to match letters and find things that start with the correct letters.
For science we read What Makes a Magnet and then got out the "big kid's" box of magnets and simply explored.
Kim and Luke were amazed at the "magic" magnets could do.
Exploring and finding out what a magnet is attacted too.
We made magnet "fish poles" with a magnet and pencil.
This magnet box has kept the kids busy for days. :-)
I discovered another great resource.
From Kidsparkz I printed out these birds to practice placing the birds in sequence from largest to smallest.
I have laminated these to make them stand up to our "school kids"
Math time this week was to play with our new Ladybug Counting Game.
This file folder game was a free download from ABCTeach.
Kimberly likes to be a model for any picture I want to take!
Count the dots on the ladybug and match to the correct flower.
I wrote the correct number on the back of the ladybug so the kids could check their answers, but the seem to cheat a little, so I may need to cover over this "help".
The big brown truck brought us some new alphabet letters this week.
Last week we learned to recognize the words "stop" and "go"--this week I made cards for the kids to use to spell the words.
I also found some words the begin with "b" that were in our Boogle Jr. game.
I have stored these letters and cards in a small tote. I have only included the letters needed to spell the 6 or 7 words on the cards. I think this helps keep down the frustration of not being able to find the correct letters.Our Bible story of the week is David and Goliath.
I read it out of several Bible story books over the week.
We have really learned this story.
I found coloring page at DLTKcrafts.
One evening this past week we went to the creek with Daddy to find the perfect David and Goliath stones to make a game.
There were a lot of stones to choose from.
The next day we glued felt to the bottom of 5 smooth small stones and one larger "Goliath" stone.
Mark is painting our "Goliath" stone.
Write David's initials on the five smaller stones and Goliath on the larger stone.
To play the game, simply make a square of masking tape on a hard surfaced floor, put your Goliath stone in the middle and see if you can knock Goliath out of the square with the 5 David stones.
Kim and Luke got quite good at this after a few miss fires!
Bb is for bee of course!
You can check this craft out in its full post over here.
We ended this week visiting some 2 day old chicks.
The kids were totally enthralled with these fuzzy balls.
(no chick was hurt in the photography of this post!)
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And also make sure to check back here next week for the second week of letter Bb.


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Visiting from preschool corner. Love the ideas.

Rhonda said...

There is always so much great learning going on at your house. Awesome work.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I am amazed at all you manage to accomplish with your kids! You must be a very organized mama! :) Love the ladybug file folder game, the magnet fun, and especially the David and Goliath rock game - how creative!

Rebecca said...

GREAT week! And thanks so much for the link to kidsparkz! I just checked it out and love it!

Chris said...

Love your learning! You've got such good ideas :)

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