Monday, June 7, 2010

Forget Me Nots--Eyes of Mary

Forget Me Nots have to be one of my favorite wildflowers.
They are also know as Eyes of Mary.

"Young Jesus, looking into his mother's eyes one day in front of their home in
Nazareth said: "Mother, your eyes are so beautiful, everyone looks at them in
wonder. What a pity those who will be born in future generations will not be
able to behold them. Because in your eyes one can see my paradise, and
whoever looks into them cannot help but be drawn toward it."
Then he touched her eyelids and passed his hands over the ground
as though sowing seeds. Immediately forget-me-nots sprang up,
hundreds of tiny blue eyes with golden centers,
as a reminder for people of future generations of Our Lady's pure eyes." The Blessed Virgin Mary-Gardens and Legends

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