Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enchanted Forest--Water Safari--a photo essay

8:30 am was looking like this---I was a little concerned to say the least......
After an hour and a half drive, the clouds were still thick and the temperature was cool, but that didn't stop us.....on to a day of fun at the Enchanted Forest.
WARNING: photo heavy post ahead---I couldn't resist.
Guarding the entrance of the Enchanted Forest.
Boot Hill---and we were cold--after all, we were in the Adirondack mountains.
Gracie was so excited to pan for gold, especially since our goldrush unit last month.
time to fly over the park
I see you, Daddy!!
I drove these exact same cars when I was little. We need to go through photos at Grandma and Grandpa's house and find the pictures of days gone by....

There is even an outdoors circus.

The original Enchanted Forest was a path through the Adirondack mountains where you visited storybook characters.....I visited these exact spots when I was little.
the Gingerbread House
Peeking into Little Red Ridinghood's adventure

Peter Rabbits carriage

Back on the skyride----and me, proving I had fun!!!
Kimberly's first waterslide ride ever!!
And I captured face look on the camera
My little children, who scream during bathtime and never want any water to touch their faces, went down these waterslides non-stop for an hour and a half!
I need this in my backyard, if not for anything else, to just burn off Gracie's abundant energy.
Kimmy was just about the smallest "waterslider" I saw all day!

Sometimes she lost her ride....and she almost always had her eyes closed.

eyes closed
Grace and Mark climbed way up on top of this waterslide to have a race.
Mark made it down with blazing speed.....
Grace, not so much.....she stopped half way down. I guess she doesn't weigh enough to get a good ride.
But, she got a push....
and finished her ride.

Waiting for the train.
Luke looks good here, but when the helicopters started he had a complete melt down.
They stopped the ride and he got off,,,,quickly....It was just a little too much for his thrill level.
Kimberly rode again and again.
Luke was much happier driving the boats.

This is Mm week.
Mm is for moose!

After near disaster on a big waterslide, Mark found a slide just his size!
What a great day!!


Phyllis said...

I have huge fond memories of an Enchanted Forest park when I was a small child. It has since been torn down. I wasn't aware there were still some left (even if it has been added onto.) Thanks for showing me your photos. It made me smile.

Rhonda said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! I loved all of the photos.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures. Isn't family great? Love, Aunt Theresa