Saturday, June 5, 2010

We need to get these kids out of the house more!!

A trip to the city, and a trip to the Carousel Mall was just the thing to entertain the little ones.
Poor Luke asked me what the mall was? I told him it was a place with a lot of stores. He ran excitedly to tell his Daddy that the mall had Wal-mart!
(I think these kids are going to be taken to the city more often)
I don't think they we too thrilled with the carousel, until it started moving, then they all loved it.

They even had FOOD at the mall!!!
We went all the way to the sixth level of the Carousel Mall.
Here we could see Onondaga Lake.

If we looked out the other windows on the sixth floor, we could see downtown Syracuse and the Carrier Dome. The kids talked about going to the Syracuse football game in the dome lasts fall.
It was a real fun day----especially since I don't think the kids realized we could have bought things in all the stores....they were just impressed to be somewhere so big!

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