Friday, June 18, 2010

Preschool Days--letter B---week 4

Kimberly is 4 yrs 1 month
Luke is 5 years 1 month
Our "Bb" wall is complete
Some of this weeks worksheets were found at KidZone.
I especially enjoy this site because I can choose pages by grade level. We tend to use worksheets from both the preschool and kindergarten sites.
This week's pick game was Pengoloo.
This is a very enjoyable, all wooden, matching game.
The penguins "sit" on the eggs until you pick them up, peek under to see the egg and match colors. If you make a match, the penguin sits on your iceberg. The first player to fill up their iceberg wins the game.
In honor of Bb week part 2, we learned about Saint Bernadette.
The little ones enjoyed their favorite St. Bernadette movie, Princess of Lourdes.

I found the coloring page here.
We learned all about our flag on Flag Day this past week.
I posted about it last Monday.
I printed our Bb book from Enchanted Learning. I am printed each of these "letter" books as we go through the alphabet. Kim and Luke enjoy being able to read them! :-)
Check out all the great Bb printables at Enchanted Learning.
Luke practicing his beginning sounds with our consanant picture cards.
First we worked on the letter Bb pictures and then I added the letter Ff from last week.
Both kids did very well with this.
Kimmy spent quite a bit of time using the Lauri Number Play puzzle.

Stamping our letter B from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
This weeks Bible story is Noah's Ark.
On Noah's Ark by Jan Brett is a new favorite.
Luke cutting out our Noah's Ark craft.
You can see the complete Noah's Ark post on Thursday's blog post.

Kim and Luke also loved playing our new homemade Noah's Ark game.
This also is on Thursday's blog post.
Blueberry starts with Bb---we LOVE the Veggietale's Madame Blueberry.
Kim and Luke are very excited to have a summer reading challenge--just like the big kids.
When they fill up their chart they will get a big surprise---now I just need to think of a suitable reward.
The author for our two Bb weeks was Jan Brett.
Jan Brett is not all about winter and Christmas books.
She has many other beautiful picture books.
We also enjoyed books about bears, bugs, birds and beaches.

Bb is for blocks. Pattern blocks with a buggy theme were enjoyed by both Kim and Luke.
Next week we our preschool/kinergarten days will focus on the letter Mm.
Our author will be Robert Munsch.
Our Bible story will be Daniel and the lion's den.


Gae said...

Dear Joann,
Waht a wonderul week.
Jan Brett isone of our favourite authors and I love her illustrations too.
Thanks for sharing with us

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful "B" week! I love seeing all of the activities that you do with your kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Lisa said...

So, Joann, had every intention of doing this. Got all set up and everything -- and then my preschool train de-railed when I found out we have to move in two weeks. Ugh! But isn't the internet a wonderful and amazing thing? When we're all settled I can come back here and start from the beginning "with" you. &:o) Y'all have so much fun! I'm jealous! (We'd so rather be doing this than packing!)