Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Scarecrow's Dance-by Jane Yolen

"The Scarecrow has always stood tall and straight, watching over the corn. Then one magical autumn night, he begins to stir. Free from his post, the scarecrow skips through the fields and leaps past the barn, dancing under the moon. But when he hears a young boy's prayer for the farm, the scarecrow comes to understand where he belongs, and what he -- only he -- can do.
From award winners Jane Yolen and Bagram Ibatoulline, this is a moving tale about questioning your place and discovering yourself."
The illustrations and beautiful rhyming text has made this a favorite of the kids and adults alike.
The little ones have been looking through this on their own, enjoying the illustrations, and the big kids are having fun reading this over and over.
"He shrugged his shoulders,
And a grin
Just like a corn row,
And as thin.
Broke out along
His painted face.
He gave a leap--
And left his place."
This will an autumn favorite from now on.....


Lisa said...

Ooooh, Joann! this looks like a winner! Looking for it to add to our Autumn books, too. Thanks for the tip!

Susana said...

Thank you for sharing this book.