Friday, November 6, 2009

H1N1 update from the front lines

after 5 hours,
beginning at the doc's,
we then headed for x-rays,
then picked up two other sick kids that the doc wanted to check on,
returned to the doctor to find out results,
we have:
Amy with pheumonia and a secondary viral infection unrelated to swine flu (lots of meds and nebulizing), Daniel with an "awful" ear infection and an "awful" sinus infection(lots of meds),
Mark has a non-productive flu cough, (concerning and needs nebulizing until cough free),
Grace has a wheeze (needs nebulizing until cough free) ....
This is only with 4 of the kids seen today,
at least one more needs the doc tomorrow!


Rhonda said...

Oh hon, my heart just goes out to you. Sending get well wishes to all of those kiddos.

Stacy said...

Poor Amy! Pneumonia and anrelated virus on top of it!? Yuck! I hope she and the rest of the family feel better soon!

Sybille said...

I'm sorry, whish they will be well soon...