Saturday, November 14, 2009

Simply Made Sunday-Chocolate dipped peanut butter Ritz Bits crackers

This week Mark made a treat for us all by himself. We were experimenting to see what special goody Mark could make for Thanksgiving.
This is definetly a winner!!
You need:
a box of peanut butter Ritz Bits
light cocoa candy melts
green candy melts
a star cake decorating tip
2 ziploc bags

Mark melted the chocolate melts according to the package directions in the microwave.
Melt for 1 min. at half power and then stir. Repeat this process for 30 seconds at half power until completely melted, stirring between each microwaving.
Dunk your Ritz Bits into the chocolate, covering the crackers completely.
He placed his on the shiny side of parchment paper so they can easily peel off after they have hardened.
He then got out the green candy melts and the cake decorating tip.
He used a different, easier technique to melt the green melts.
Because we didn't need a lot of melts, he simply put them in a secure ziploc bag and then placed the bag and melts in the hottest tap water.
It only takes a few minutes for them to melt.
It's fun to squeeze out the lumps and make sure all the candy is melted.
We then put the cake decorating tip into the corner of another ziploc bag and added the green melts to this bag, squeezing the candy out of a hole cut in the corner of the ziploc.
He then added decoration to this yummy, yummy treat.
Grace and Kimmy were very jealous that Mark got to do this on his own, but I like to let different kids do things by themselves some of the time.
Mark was sooooo proud, it was worth the whining of the younger kids.
Now Mark will have his own treat to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house.
Of course, this batch is long gone, but I think I will have him use orange and yellow and red melts for the Thanksgiving tray. That will make them look very autumnal!!


Rhonda said...

Those are great! I think that we may have to try those out for Thanksgiving also. Great job Mark!

Diane said...

We made these last year for our Thanksgiving feast for the extended family. They are so .... good!