Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sunday is the first day of the new year in the Catholic Church, the First Sunday of Advent.
The kids have learned that it is very important to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day.
Mark made our sign to remind us to "prepare" for Jesus. It is not time to begin celebrating yet, it is a time to spend learning about this holy season.
One important way to learn about the Christmas season is to read books, and we love our books.
I have seen this done on different blogs over the past few years, but I never managed to "get" to it in time for the start of Advent. But this year, with Laura's wrapping help, we are all ready.
One picture book for everyday in Advent, ready to be opened and enjoyed.
We will open one book a day, and watch our pile of books get smaller as Chistmas day approaches..


Jennifer D. said...

Are those new books you've purchased or books that you have already that you decided to wrap o that it would be a surprise to open? And are they advent themed books or something else?

Joannof10 said...

Jennifer, about half of these books are ours and the other half are library books. I keep our Christmas books away during the rest of the year and the kids are very excited when they discover an "old friend" as they unwrap the days book. Most of the library books are "new to us" books which makes it fun.

The books are a mix of Advent, Christmas, secular and religious. It is fun to open our book in the morning and then enjoy it in different ways throughout the day.

Jennifer D. said...

Thank you for replying. This is definitely something that I will add to next year's activities. I usually keep all of our Christmas books packed away with the decorations and just pile them up on the coffee table at the beginning of advent. I love this idea.