Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Today we honor Our Blessed Mother on her Feast of the Rosary. This past weekend Mark and Grace made these beautiful shrines for Mary at their children's group, Friends of Jesus and Mary.
We have been very neglectful in our rosary making recently, but today we made a few to remind Mary how much we love her and to ask her to watch over us.
The little kids are experts at rosary making now, especially since I found these spacers at Lewis & Company. This is my favorite site from which to buy rosary parts. Thanks to Jennifer, who shared this information over at the 4Real site, we made this lovely rose out of beautiful autumn maple leaves. We didn't have any wire to "finish off" the rose, so we used scotch tape--hence, the child's hand holding the rose, hiding the tape.
Last year we made a lapbook for Mary--you can revisit it here.
I hope Our Blessed Mother is happy with our efforts to honor her today.


Lisa said...

LOVE the beautiful shrine! And the autumn leaf rose is beautiful! Only we don't have red maples (or much of any other red leaves here in CO), so we're going to have to try this tomorrow with our yellow cottonwood leaves. Love reading about your celebration of this special month, Joann!

Lisa said...

oops... typo... make that "beautiful shrineS"! &:o)

Jennifer said...

The leaf rose is lovely, Joann! I can hardly believe how real it looks...