Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Shirts--Refashioned=Free Pants

We have been very blessed to have family, friends and aquaintances keeping us clothed for all of the children's lives. I would never turn down any offering of clothes that will fit someone now, or will fit someone in the future.
As winter approaches, I have sorted through clothing and realized that Luke is lacking in pants, (as in he has 2 pair). We are NOT lacking in grown men's shirts. I have 4 men and boys that wear size large to size 3x men's clothing, so we have an abundance of button down BIG shirts.

To refashion one of these shirts for Luke's size 3T pants-I picked a very soft, but heavy weight, Osh Kosh, size 2X flannel button down shirt, with front pockets. I cut it apart at the seams and then folded the back section on the shirt in half to use as the front side of the pants.

For the back of the pants, I matched up the two front sectons of the shirt. I placed the shirt's front pockets together carefully, and then placed the back pattern piece so that the pockets would be on the back of the pants when finished. I used a very old pattern that I have used for the past 20 years to make little pants for the kids.

Here are the finished results of the back pockets. I was afraid that they would be too big, but they turned out very cute.

They even come with a designer label!

I didn't know if these would become "around the house" pants or "going bye-bye" pants, but I think with a nice matching solid turtleneck shirt, these will be "going bye-bye" pants. And best of all,for about two hours work, they were free!


Liz said...

Wow!! I am extremely impressed!! I do love reading your blog and am glad that I came across it! I have put you in my Blog List. Come on over and visit!


molly said...

OK, those are way cute!

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

They are great and your plaids match perfectly!!!!! Something that I have trouble with when cutting yard goods.

Jessie Mae said...

I too must say I am very impressed Joann! Oh how I wish I could sew! The sad thing is, I got a sewing maching for Christmas which has yet to be used or figured out!