Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homemade Halloween Bowling

My big girl's needed to supply a game for the annual All-Saints party at church tonight, and I saw a neat idea somewhere about making a bowling game from empty soda bottles.
I didn't make that,
instead I used a bowling set we had (milk bottles and a "mooing" cow ball) and transformed that into bowling fit for Halloween.

First, I just wrapped the original bowling pins in a full sheet of black and "orange" construction paper. (We have used up all our orange paper this halloween season, so we colored some yellow paper orange.)


Next was the fun part, I decorated each pin. I made some pumpkins and some ghosts. The ghosts were made with white paper face shapes glued on, and the pumpkins were made with a black sharpie for the face, and a handmade stem.

I bought a bag of artifical gourds and pumkins at Joann's Fabrics for 60% off, so I think the cost was about 2 dollars for 6. We used these for the "bowling ball". This set held up very well. About 20 kids played with them for an hour and they were still in great shape. The artificial gourds became chipped and cracked though. (They are styrofoam inside and a hard layer on the outside.) I thought about using a real gourd but I am afraid that it would end up as mush-so we will be sticking with artificial.

Happy Halloween!!


Rhonda said...

Great idea! I may have to use this one for the girls Halloween party tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Super cute idea!

The Activity Mom said...

love it! =)

Amy said...

For our fall party we used real gourds for the pins and a small sugar pumpkin for the ball. It held up remarkably well for the hour party for the first grade class. Lost some stems off the gourds but otherwise most of them had no blemishes.