Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Slow Wednesday

Today has seemed to be dragging on and on. It is probably because there will be no one over the age of eight home until about 8 o'clock tonight. That is kind of unusual around here, but with a prediction of rain, cold temps, and no naps, I wasn't taking the little kids out to this afternoon's soccer game.
I did make this candy corn puzzle set last night for the littlest learners around here. I saw the idea in a preschool Mailbox magazine.
I made four identical candy corn shapes and then colored them each a solid color. I laminated them for durability. Cut all four candy corn into three very identical pieces. You want them to fit together just as well with mixed up pieces as with solid pieces. It is funny the difference between kids. Luke loved to mix up the colors. He thought he was very funny. Kimberly, on the other hand, wanted them to match. I showed her how to mix the colors and she got very angry, and then "fixed" them.
We got out the colored rice this morning for some pouring and scooping practice. They have seemed to have lost some of these skills, because I had to sweep up a whole lot of rice from the floor today.
Grace and Mark made these very cute Halloween magnets. Becky was at Michael's craft store recently and picked up a kit for the kids. The kit has 40 magnets in it. So, if you happen to receive a surprise gift from one of the kids, act surprised and pretend to have never seen them before. Thanks.....

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Rhonda said...

Cute puzzles and I saw those magnets at our Michael's here when I went tonight. Those came out really cute.