Friday, October 3, 2008

"Illuminating the Clutter"

Cay offered "illumination" today regarding paper clutter. She graciously posted pictures of cluttered tables around her house, and I have to say, these tables looked pretty tidy to me.

I had Becky take these photos a few weeks ago because as I sat at the table sewing, (the only table in the "little" house) I was struck my the amount of stuff that could be going on in one spot.

We can see Mama sewing, along with all the sewing paraphernalia , my diet Coke and a bag of chips that several little members of the family were enjoying.

Three children are doing school work, with many assorted books (at least 10). A dish of crayons, a squirt gun, a Playdough dinosaur, a Math Shark, an empty Gladlock dish,
a Wall-e cup full of ice water, (very dangerous) a box of tissues, a ruler, the Holy Cross soccer team roster, a toddler with her baby doll, cell phone, and some other little things that I can no longer seem to identify.

This picture was taken by Amy, 2 minutes ago. I think things are getting worse.

I guess I have come to accept this. Everything on the table does have a place where it belongs, and it does get cleared off every evening for dinner, but this seems a little ridiculous.

I would love to see photos of other people's tables, just for my own sanity. I would like to see "cluttered" and pretty, beautiful tables, the kind that I hope to enjoy in the future, but I am not holding my breath.


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

A little hint about tables that are "beautiful and cleared off" they are also very lonely. They mean that the former occupants are all gone to the next step in their lives. It means that the mom and the dad have too much space to live in. I would much rather go back to the cluttered tables with all of the people living around them. With all of the noise and laughter and happiness.

Cay G. said...

Dear Joann,
Ann has a point. My older two are now in college and have jobs to go to as well. We see them coming and going but their presence is often missed here. I'm down to three studnets at home.

I think the table in your "little house" looks very cozy and invites countless possibilities.