Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fuzzy and warm

I got some quick sewing done today. This warm and fuzzy fleece sewed up in about an hour--I had cut it out a few days ago.
It is my favorite fleece top for my littlest kids. It is McCall's Pattern #M4642. I am afraid that it is out of print, but I see that it is still available some places on the web.
I especially like the zipper in the front, it is very easy to put in. Last year I made a pair of fleece pants from this same pattern, but I didn't like the results. The waistband was much too bulky because of the folded fleece. I prefer cordoroy for little pants, and will use some dark pink baby cordoroy to make pants to match this top.
Kimmy just loves zippers too!


Anonymous said...

She is toooo cute!

Lisa said...

This is adorable, but maybe it's just the model... No, it's adorable! I so admire your sewing skills!

Rhonda said...

Great job Joann. She looks beautiful in it. Those eyes just shine so brightly!