Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Toddler "School"

Kim and Luke skipped nap today, and began a total melt-down at around dinner time.
I have been trying to find activities that they could begin doing which would fall under the category of "active" learning.
This very simple scooping and pouring activity changed their dispositions immediately,

I plan on trying to see if they can sort the colors into different containers, but today they were very happy to scoop and dump, scoop and dump. In fact, they wouldn't stop to eat dinner, so Amy and I fed them as they continued to scoop and dump.LOL

It actually suprised me how much they enjoyed doing this. I will certainly save this for times when they need to be "contained" in one spot.


Anonymous said...

simple yet productive-now I need a few more chairs to do this. Kim

Stacy said...

I'll remember this activity for Brendan's toddler years.