Friday, May 30, 2008

Author Fiesta-Emma Kate

The month of May is coming to a close and so is our Patricia Polacco -Author Fiesta.

We have had a great time learning all about this wonderful author.

Make sure to visit Cay, and check out all the information and printables she has made available on the Author Fiesta website. Thanks for all your hard work, Cay.

We have read almost all the books on the reading list which is now in our binder. (I saved the Christmas books for December.)

I wanted to share our current "favorite" Patricia Polacco book, and what we have included in our Author Fiesta binder about it. Emma Kate is a book I am sure we will return to again and again. It was especially a favorite of the younger group of kids around here.

We have devoted a page in our binder just for Emma Kate. We were very excited when we saw that this book was dedicated to Dr. Seuss and Horton. We are all about Seuss around here, and have been for the past several months. Mainly because of this. Gracie was especially excited to discover a picture of Horton in the Emma Kate story. (You will have to search for it if you want to see it!)

I made up a copy work sheet for Grace to do, and we added this to our binder.

We all drew imaginary friends and added these to our binders. This is Gracie's friend Marcus.

I love the Enchanted Learning website. I found this really cute elephant puppet on this site. We just printed it, colored it and then cut it out. We have had alot of fun with our puppets. I also printed out some of the others from this site and we have been enjoyinhg numerous "puppet shows."

We just can't wait for the Author Fiesta for June!


Rhonda said...

We have made those finger puppets before. So cute! They did a great job.

Cay G. said...

Bravo, Joann.
You and your children do an incredible job. :)