Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Author Fiesta-Patricia Polacco

Cay is keeping us busy for the next 12 months learning about distinguished authors of children's picture books. This month's author is Patricia Polacco. If you don't know anything about this author, visit her wonderful website by clicking on her name highlighted above. This will start a marvelous study of a very interesting life.

We began getting books from the library as soon as we learned who this month's author was.
Cay provided a list of all of Patricia Polacco's books. This can be found on Cay's Author Fiesta website. The kids are checking off books as we read them (and re-read them). I have also included on this list a great video-Dream Keeper- which I also found in our library system. It is Patricia Polacco telling her life story-very very good.
Through Cay's Author Fiesta site, we also discovered a site that has actors and actresses reading many different children's picture books, including two by Polacco. Here is a link for this site.

Cay has provided us with a cover page to add to a binder, so that we can keep track of all our author information over the year. All these printables have been put together by Cay on the Author Fiesta website.

We have yet to fill in an author's research page. Cay has also provided a quote to use for copywork to added to our binders.

I think that I will start printing these pages on color cardstock-I use cardstock because regular printer paper doesn't seem to hold up with all the kids looking through our binder. Our binder is really, really white. A little color will spice it up.

One of the most touching books we have read so far is Pink and Say. It affected the kids, and they have been talking about it alot, so I decided to do a page just about this book. We enjoyed doing this, so I expect we will be doing other little "scrapbook" type pages for other books.

Thank you Cay for all your hard work, and for all the enjoyment you are giving us.

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