Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catholic Mosaic-The Caterpillar that Came to Church

Having just celebrated Mark's First Communion, it was the perfect time to share the book The Caterpillar that Came to Church. It is one of the books featured in the Catholic Mosaic for the month of May.

This is such a special book, helping children learn about the celebration on the Eucharist. I have posted the book's description from back cover of the book.
Written in both Spanish and English, The Caterpillar That Came to Church uses a delightful, imaginative story to explain the beauty that unfolds during the celebration of the Eucharist.

Seen through the eyes of a little caterpillar named Mariana, the church adventure begins...

It was a breezy, spring day as Mariana munched on fresh tree leaves. The day seemed peaceful until this little caterpillar lost her balance, tumbled out of the tree and right into the purse of a woman passing by. Panic-stricken, Mariana squirms her way to the top of the purse, and to her amazement, finds herself in a strange new place. She had heard about this place called church, but more than anything else, she wanted to go back to her world of green grass and blue sky. As Mariana scampers to freedom, she stops and for the first time notices the altar and the priest, but most of all she notices the crucifix. With her eyes transfixed on the cross, she spies Jesus. "He is real and He is alive and He is looking at her."Little Mariana's heart fills with love as two miraculous events take place before her very eyes. At that moment, she makes it her mission to show children what Jesus did to a lowly caterpillar, so maybe they too will see Jesus in the celebration of the Mass and though the Church's life-giving sacraments.
This story is sure to change a child's life.

Following the reading of the story, we enjoyed the discussion questions that Cay provided in the Catholic Mosaic.
I then talked to the kids about what we would like to do so that we would remember all the love Jesus has for us, and how we get so much love in our own hearts when we reverently celebrate the Consecration at Mass with the angels and Jesus truly present there with us.
We decided to color butterflies and hang them by our living room crucifix, so when we see them, we will remember the great love the caterpillar had for Jesus, so much love she turned into a beautiful butterfly.

Our finished butterflies, proudly displayed in the living room.

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Those butterflies are beautiful and so colorful!