Thursday, April 5, 2007

Things are Happening

This past week, we have been blessed with beautiful spring-time weather. The sun has been shining , the kids have been playing outdoors, and the temperatures have been in the fifties. That was last week. Today we woke up to heavy snow squalls, and the temperature never reached 30 degrees. I guess we have to expect this in Upstate New York. I do think that my crocuses did look a bit chilly though.

Amy celebrated her 13th birthday today. Just her and her dad went out to breakfast this morning. That was very special. In the afternoon we took the six youngest kids to Chuckie Cheese to play video games. It was alot of fun... Our only problem was that it was Luke's first time there and he was afraid of everything. It just totally overwelmed him.. He and I spent most of the time sipping milk out of a straw. (that is quite fun for a almost 2 year old)

During this time, Matt and Dan went to church to rehearse the altar boy duties for Holy Thursday Mass. After we got home, I practiced the music for mass because I play the organ for the choir. Amy and Laura took part in the procession at mass tonight as members of the Sodality. They looked just beautiful..

Tonight when we got home we had Amy's birthday cake. Becky made an angelfood cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream. It was just delicious. I am now going to sew a little bit on Kimberly's Easter dress. I am worried about how all their dresses will look with their winter coats on, but according to the weather forcast, they definitely will be wearing coats on Sunday.

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