Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to Work

Yesterday was the day that we were supposed to get back to the business of "schoolwork", but because of the snowstorm, today seems to be the back to work day.

Laura is back into her lessons. She is studying geology in science and reviewing America's past in history(to get ready for testing). She has started a book study of Little House in the Highlands.
In religon we are studying the Apostles Creed.

Mark, Grace and I have started our first lapbook about Curious George. We got supplies from Hands of a Child-project packs. We will keep you updated as we progress. So far we have started the vocabulary word cards and have made these very cute monkeys.

We also have a big caterpillar crawling along our wall. Each circle body part has the name of a book we have read on it. When we get to fifty books the kids will get a present. (a new book)

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lapazfarm said...

I really like the chalkboard. What a great idea to paint it right on the wall. We are always bumping into the chalk tray on ours!