Thursday, April 12, 2007

Early Spring Field Day

Dawn, over at By Sun and Candlelight-has started a Spring Field Day and so for the last few weeks we have been looking for signs of spring. We are up here in Central New York and to say that spring has been hard to find in as understatement. It appears to me that it is still winter. The picture above was taken on April 7.

About a month ago it was looking like there might be an early spring. Our crocuses bloomed and the temperatures reached the fifties, but that was short lived.

We did set out to find spring. I sent kids up 'the big hill' out in back of our house. After seeing their pictures I was not filled with much hope.
I decided to head outside and really search for this spring that is supposed to be around. We were pleasantly surprised. Grace found the tiniest bit of green.
We found willows just starting to emerge. We also made our own willows to decorate inside the house.
Ever since I was a little we have fed the birds, and I have continued that tradition with my own children. Because of that, they can identify most of the birds that come to our backyard. They have compiled a very impressive list of what visits, some regularly and other occasionally.

nuthatch, goldfinch, robins, crows, chickadee ,blue jay,
mourning dove ,red wing blackbirds, cardinal, chipping sparrow

english sparrow, canadian geese ,snow geese, grackles
cedar waxwings, purple finch, red tail hawk, seagulls
slate colored juncos, turkey vultures

We were very happy to find a flock of cedar waxwings on our walk yesterday.. I got a picture.

We also got a picture of a very cold robin in the snow.
We will continue our search for spring. It will come, it always does, but until that time I think I will head over to By Sun and Candlelight and enjoy springtime in other parts of the country. Thank-you Dawn.

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