Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's Fun

We read a very good book today-Saint George and the Dragon . It told the wonderful story of Saint George facing evil and overcoming it. Everyone enjoyed it, and even Mark and Grace understood the symbolism with the help of Catholic Mosaic by Cay Gibson.

Becky and I started the day by doing some grocery shopping. I think that we could shop every day and still run out of something before the day is done.

Matt, Dan and Amy had play practice for most of the day. They are in the musical The Secret Garden. It seems to be going very well. The first performance takes place on June 1.
Holy Cross Academy is putting on the play. It is the private Catholic school the older children attend. Check out their web site to see what a nice place it is.
Luke spent some together time with big brother Matt.

Kimberly's walking is certainly progressing. She took five steps yesterday, and today she took steps and then stopped and stood still for a few seconds. Of course, after Kim received a lot attention for her walking, Luke told us that he would walk and stood-up and showed us all how good he could do it. He looked a little embarrassed, but he definitely liked our praise.

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