Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today was a beautiful, sunshiny Saturday. We had a lot of wonderful plans; nature walks, playgrounds, bubble blowing, dinner with Grandma C., but, no one told the sick 2 year old. Poor Luke has had a cold, but this morning he woke up at 7 am crying and he has hardly stopped since. He is running a fever, which Motrin does take away, he has no appetite, and has a cough. His daddy came home from work early to help with him(mostly he needs cuddling) and to give mommy a break. Thank goodness for daddies.

The other kids played outside. They then came in all muddy and proceeded to change their clothes. Then they went back out. (I was not keeping close track of them all) Then they came in all muddy and changed their clothes-again. I suggested everyone stay inside and play something electronic. This did manage to keep them clean. (I have washed and folded about 7 loads of laundry today)

Becky got home from work and took over dinner, which was a wonderful blessing. I took Mark and Grace outside for a walk.

We looked at these lovely flowers in our yard and found pussy willows on a walk out in the fields. We continued walking and wandered off the main path (I know a short cut). We came to the edge of the woods, but there was a ditch between us and home. I lifted up Grace, so she wouldn't fall into the mud, I swung her over the ditch and proceeded fall in myself. I went home, and changed my clothes.

After dinner I fell asleep in my chair for three hours, therefore , it is now 11:58 and I am blogging.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.

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