Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Curious about George

Today we worked some more on our Curious George lapbook. We are having a lot fun working on this. I am very happy with the results we are getting with this kit, which we purchased through Hands of a Child.

I also wanted to show everyone our new chalkboard. We have always had trouble with chalkboards because they would stickout to far into the hallway and cause people to run into the chalk tray. This is chalkboard paint, painted directly on the wall. We were very nervous when our wall just had a big black square on it. (We figured it would never be able to be painted over if we were not happy with the results.) After it sat for 48 hours , Pat framed it with molding. It looks very nice and works as well as any chalkboard we have ever had. We also used magnet paint as one of the layers, so it is also a magnet board.


MaryM said...

I love your new chalkboard.

Amy's friends said...

I LOVE CURIOUS GEORGE! He is sooooo cute!