Monday, April 30, 2007

Family Trip-- Here We Come

The post after this shows cousin Sean's First Communion picture. We want to send him our love and blessings on this special day.

This post shows some of what it took to get to the celebration. Everyone pitched in and we made the hour and a half trip smoothly- arriving one hour early-congratulations Mom and Dad.
Danny busy and ironing. You have to be careful when you iron around here because whoever is standing at the iron seems to be handed everyone elses ironing. Sometimes you can stand there for quite a while.
We volunteered to bring macaroni salad. I asked our live in employed chef to do this duty. Thank-you son Patrick.

These three girls always seem to take a little longer than everyone else, but they have made a good start.
Three small kids ready and keeping clean-we hope.
One small child not ready, but he is cleaning the windows. I do not know why.

O.K. Daddy, let's go.

We are all on the way. We also put Grandma and Grandpa H. in here.

We arrrived an hour early and only had to change one baby who wet through her beautiful outfit onto her mom. Thank you Becky for changing her while I tried to sun dry my clothes.

Let's head into church. I hope this church is " large family friendly".

After the Mass we headed to Sean's house to enjoy an afternoon of fun.

More fun at the picnic.
We headed home on an uneventful trip. Most of the trip kids slept. I tried to sleep but was a little cramped in the van. We got home and wonderful Daddy let me lie down for a few minutes. I woke up plenty rested at 6:00 this morning. THANK YOU DADYY.


Ruth said...

Beautiful family

Carmella's family said...

Hi! Thank you for coming to my party. Love, Sean (and family).