Monday, August 16, 2010

A Family Send-Off

We enjoyed a nice send-0ff dinner for Danny tonight at Grandma Collins' house.We are so happy that Daniel is on his way to fulfill his dreams.
My big baby girl and my little baby girl.
Danny and Luke---they are best buddies. Luke assures my that Dan will be back in "a few days". Poor fellas, it's gonna be hard on both of them.
Cousin Gabby, Kimmy, Grace, and Aunt Mary.
That would be an eclair Kimmy is enjoying....
Gracie and Aunt Mary
Grandma Collins, Danny and Aunt Mary
Danny and Laura---Is this Danny's first blessing? I don't really think so, there was too much laughing....

proud parents and our seminarian
Danny and his 5 adoring sisters.
Mark, Dan and Luke.
God Bless you, Dan!!!
You will be in our many, many prayers....

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