Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindergarten Days---Week 9

It was Rr week here at Kindergarten, but it was also a very busy weekend, so I am finally getting this post up! (Forgive me)
These rainbow cards came from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
The printable available at this site are amazing.
I am using these rainbows for reviewing the letters we have learn here in our home kindergarten.
The Kumon Cutting Puzzle book is still a very popular activity.
The scissor work around here has been improving rapidly.
Another addition to kindergarten this week was the Highlights Puzzle Buzz magazine.
Working on rainbows.
An exciting addition to the house this week was Caddie the Caterpillar.
Gracie discovered it on Queen Ann's Lace out back. A black swallowtail butterfly caterpillar.
Rr is for rainbow.
We made a Queen Ann's Lace rainbow.
We gathered Queen Ann's Lace in the field's out back and put them into water colored with all the colors of the rainbows.
After about 2 hours we could begin to see the rainbow appear.

In 24 hours we had made a beautiful rainbow.
You can see the complete post about our rainbow here.
These Pip Squeak markers to were too cute not to photograph during a coloring session.
Do A Dot is always fun.
Rr is for Saint Rose of Lima
Math work this week consisted of a deck of cards.
We learned to play War.
It is safe to say that the kindergarteners in the house now know all the numbers from 2-10.
Rr is for raisins.
Reading time.....
We made rainbow bracelets using the energy of the sun and Steven Spangler's Uv Color Changing Beads.
We put beads onto pipecleaners for a quick easy bracelet.
After a few seconds in the bright sunlight the rainbow began to appear.
After a few minutes we had made beautiful rainbows.
And the good thing is that when you take them out of the sun, they return to their original white
color, ready to be used again and again.
Playing "Roll a Rainbow"
This game is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
I love Kimmy's dice rolling technique.

Kimmy received her first haircut at a real beauty parlor this week.
Check out the whole post here.
Rr is for rocks.
One thing I have learned in over 23 years of mothering is that the simple things are the best.
A back field full of rocks and a bunch of paint can keep busy for hours.....
and that is a very good thing..

And the big excitement of the week was announce by Luke early Friday morning, "Caddie the Caterpillar has crystalized!!!"


Cheryl Lage said...

"R" is for REALLY creative! LOVE the Queen Anne's Lace rainbow! What a wondrous teacher you are! (YOU can tell your little students were RRRRapturous!)

Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday!

Olivia said...

Great post! I love that Queen Ann's Lace rainbow; that's brilliant! We'll have to try that out around here!

Our Country Road said...

Oh so many great ideas! I, too love the Queen Anne's lace rainbow, and I had never heard of the UV changing beads before-very cool! Caddie is quite a cutie. What an exciting find. Thanks for sharing your wonderful week.