Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tt is for Saint Therese

T is for St. Therese, and since it is Tt week we have spent quite a bit of time learning about this Saint whom is such a wonderful example for children.
Kim and Luke have learned the little saying about Saint Therese from An Alphabet of
Catholic Saints
We really enjoy the Catholic Treasure Books, and have learned a lot about St. Therese's young life, including the fact that her sister made her "sacrifice beads."
Whenever Therese and her sister performed a "gift for God" or made a little sacrifice, they moved a bead toward the crucifix. At the end of the day, the girls could look at their beads and "see" the gifts they gave Jesus.
I found easy to follow instructions to make the 4 younger kids sacrifice beads
at The Little Ways website.
Amy was my assistant. (a much needed assistant)

All ready for little pockets.

And now all the little pockets around here look like this!

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