Thursday, January 7, 2010

S is for Snow

S is for snow and super fun, homemade playdough.
I used our regular playdough recipe and after it was cooled, I had the kids mix in silver glitter.
They had fun kneading the glitter into the playdough, and the results were great!
Shimmering "snow" to play with all afternoon.
We also made "s" with our playdough---"s" is our letter this week.
It was a little harder for some to make the letter "s" than others.
This task seemed to give Luke some stress.
I found some printables at First-School for some writing practice.
This is a great site when you are looking for a quick activity.
S is for "snowman"!
This is a very cute, very simple, snowman craft.
I found this printable at Childcareland.
There are so many cute activities on this site, you have to go and take a look around.
Kimberly and Luke especially enjoyed using the glue all by themselves. It was hard for me to stand by and watch their efforts, but it was well worth the pride they had in their finished work.

Cottenball snowmen---holding hands.
This is the kids new favorite activity book.
The Kumon book of Pasting Jigsaw Puzzles.
S is for strawsberry.
I cut the puzzle out for both kids today, but Luke could probably cut the easier puzzles on his own.
Kimberly is not quite there in her cutting ability yet. The book states it is for ages 4-6. Kimmy is 3 and loves the puzzles and loves to glue the pieces in place.
I love the "frame" they have for putting the puzzle together.
Kim was very careful with her work--she wanted it "just right".

Luke's puzzle.
S is for space shuttle.
Stay tuned for more "s" fun, coming later this week.


Rhonda said...

It is always a pleasure seeing the things that you do with your children. It looks like they had a lot of fun!

Please visit my blog. I have nominated you for two awards. ♥

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

Love the snow! I'm pinning it to my winter board on Pinterest. What fun for the coming snowy days. Kristi

Jenn said...

I love this idea! We look forward to a fall playdough every year: orange food coloring and pumpkin pie spice for scent. I'm going to incorporate this for a winter playdough and add some peppermint extract. Thanks for the great idea!

Debbie Cluff said...

Oldest of ten kids following from

Ashley W. said...

I came across this post on Pinterest and I love the ideas you shared! My 3 year old daughter is sitting here with me and as soon as she saw the cotton ball snowman she said "that's so cute!"

Anonymous said...

Made your play dough recipe today, which I found on Pinterest. Thank you! Oops, I even dumped the sprinkles in while it was cooking instead of afterwards but it worked just fine. Will be making this again for sure. Thanks again!

Theresa said...

Great snowmen!!

We are currently reading "Number the Stars" too--I LOVE it! I keep saying, "One more chapter.." because I want to know what happens!!

Next we are either reading Bible stories or Medieval tales...

I am your newest follower :-)

Krystle said...

Love the snow play dough, definitely going to have a go at making it one day!

Jennifer Noble said...

This is cute. Thought I should give you my URL as well as I review books for kids and craft sometimes too.

Carol Arsenault said...

I love your blog. I am a kindergarten teacher and I love the play-dough idea. Bless you and your family.

heather said...

I really love how you made it into a learning experience that is so wonderful I will definitely be doing that now.thank you so much

Manja said...

Absolutely loved the idea from the start and used the recipe to make snow playdough in my crafts class. They were all for it and requested more for this Friday. Thank you so much for sharing!