Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gracie has been excavating

Gracie has been enjoying her subscription to Little Passports. Little Passports is a fun geography program that we are enjoying this year.
This is a little information about the program from the website.
"Each month our characters, Sofia and Sam, travel to a new country on their magical scooter and share their experiences with your child.Your child will receive a personalized package via postal mail that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities and access to our online Boarding Zone full of games and activities."
This months destination was Egypt, and the activity was a pyramid excavation kit. It was sort of like Mark's dinosaur excavation kit, and Grace just loved having her turn to
"dig" into the fun. After alot of work and determination, Gracie uncovered a
pharaoh from within the pyramid.

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Aunt Jean said...

Good job Gracie. Looked like alot of hard work, but fun also.