Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr Day Cookies

Today we enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King Jr.
I put a packet together for Mark and Grace to use to learn about MLK from Enchanted Learning.
I found so much information, that I feel the kids got a very good lesson on the life of this remarkable man.
I don't believe I have ever listened to the entire speech and was so happy to have the opportunity to listen and discuss it with my children.
After that we made cookies.
People cookies.
People cookies of many colors.
After baking our cookies we mixed chocolate and vanilla frostings to make different shades of skin color.
It was fun to listen to the discussions that the kids had about the colors. They wanted to keep changing the colors until they got the colors of people they admire.
Here are some quotes from the kids:
"Bill Cosby--he's pretty dark brown, but President Obama isn't so dark. I want to make Derek Jeter's skin. I don't know anybody with this white skin---they must be an albino."
Of course, if it were summer, some of us get real dark, others turn red, and still others never change from their pale-Irish skin color.(But not quite as white as the plain white frosting.)
Let the frosting begin!
I love this picture. It looks like Kimmy is giving Luke lessons on how to frost cookies properly.
Even Mark enjoyed this.

A very culturally diverse group of cookies.
Everyone holding hands.
It seems so simple, but these are the things that seem to stick with the kids.
These little activities, and the discussions they cause, seem to teach the kids a lot more than textbooks and lectures can teach--and they always remember the fun!!


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Rhonda said...

What a great lesson. I have to agree, those little activities sure do help them to remember those lessons.

Tina said...

What a simple, yet very meaningful idea! Love it!

missy said...

These are awesome!! I just happen to have a sugar cookie mix I got as a part of a Christmas present..we will be making these for sure. Thanks for sharing all your family fun!