Monday, January 11, 2010

Helping Those In Need--the roses are sold out

Many of us have heard by now that author and wonderful Catholic homeschooling mom, Regina Doman, had a son recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her family is now in need, and as an online community, it is a pleasure to be able to help.
One was to help is to purchase her wonderful fairy tale books, written to inspire teenage girls. Purchasing these directly from her will help offset the financial burden being placed on this beautiful family right now.
Another way to help it through Hillside Education. Margot began the Helping those in need program to help those in need, and she still continues with this wonderful work.
I am offering some sets of these crochet roses, used to help little ones appreciate the Rosary.
You can see my original post about these on a previous blog post.
I am offering sets of 11 roses, 10 red for the Hail Mary and 1 white for the Our Father.
Head on over to Hillside Education and take a look at these and other homemade item donated to help out folks, just like us, in need.
UPDATE: The roses are now sold out on the Hillside Education site


Renee said...

Joann, this is perfect! I've just written about these same roses on my blog, a post about winning "Kimberlee's roses" and how we sent them to the grandchildren on the westcoast. I'm looking now for inclusions for our girl's hopechest items. These roses are a must for every Catholic girl's hopechest, no matter the vocation for the future awaiting her. I'm heading to Margot's site...with thanks. :) You can crochet Joann! You rock! Love them!

Rose said...

Wow....Like the set of 11 roses. It looks awesome. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep up the good work.