Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trimming the Tree--in the "little house"-Makes My Monday

Trimming the Christmas tree certainly Makes My Monday, especially when 11 of us are taking part in the annual event .
First we enjoyed a delicious dinner and then it was onto the decorating.
It also Makes My Monday to see how many people we can actually fit in the 12x14 foot living room.
It is a squeeze, but we can do it! :-)
Luke had a "ball" decorating.
I was so pleased that Patrick wanted to come home to help us with this tradition, no matter how chaotic is was.
We actually had to wait until he was available this evening.
Danny can take care of the top of the tree, Mark.-a little bit lower.
Kimberly remembered making these angels last year.

If you look closely at this photos, I can only fit so much into the frame,( I took pictures standing on the couch ) so every photo has arms or legs or the backs of kid's head--mainly because they didn't fit in the camera lens.

Every home should have a nine year old boy--they make life very "interesting"--notice what his shirt says!

It is a beautiful tree, and almost all the ornaments are homemade.

We had a wonderful time. I am soooo sorry Becky was not able to be here, but we saved her favorite ornaments so she could put them on when she gets home.

Does trimming the Christmas tree in the "little house" look peaceful and serene? Just click on the above video and see the truth! This video is entitled "Putting iciles on the tree for the first time"

Also, make sure your watch our rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on this previous post.

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Kathy said...

You're a brave Mom turning 10 loose with tinsel! : ) Have a wonderful time this Christmas. Blessings in Christ!

monica said...

How fun! Everyone looks like they had a great time! And your Christmas tree turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

...and that's the blessing of BIG FAMILIES...the tree is up in no time at all! LOL

It's one of our favorite "family bonding" times as I can see it was for you guys, too!


(and we need to get our 9 year olds together..they are sooooooo much alike! I can only imagine how Mark and Waylan would get along! Two peas in a pod! LOL)

mommytoalot said...

Fantastic. Love the pictures and the video. I sure wish my older ones were interested in decorating the such luck this year. We did it in installments..firs the girls..then Damien when he got home from school and then Joey finished up with his decorations when he got home from school.

Anonymous said...

Just played the video...
you guys were waaaaaaaay toooo quiet! ROTFL
I could still hear the music in the background! SHEESH!