Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Easy peasy-fingerless gloves

A few weeks ago I asked the wonderful ladies at the 4Real forum for suggestions on knitting patterns for making fingerless gloves. (I call them wrist warmers and my daughters call them hobo gloves)
They didn't let me down---they never do!

Patty linked to this pattern. They are sooo pretty and very easy, using a side seam (I have never learned to knit in the round)
I followed the pattern exactly for this version--using size 7 needles and Caron super soft arcylic yarn.
They seemed a little too loose for me. I love the look of the wrist of these, but I wanted them real snug to keep my hands warm and to help my sore wrists, knuckles and finger joints from RA.
After making the first pair I set out on my own to see what I could do.
As you can see, you can even knit in these gloves, a BIG plus in my book.
I wanted a more snug and longer wrist band--so I experimented.
The left glove is just ribbing at the wrist, stockinette stitch for the body and a little more ribbing (K2,P2) for the finger area.
On the right, I left off the fingertip ribbing and just knit 2 rows and then did a regular bind off.
I still wanted a longer wrist band but they were much more snug than the first pair. I also preferred the fingertip area of the pair on the right---it gives more finger mobility.
My third pair is perfect!!
I used the original pattern from Patty, but used a size 5 needle. I made the wristband about 3 1/2 inches long. I followed the rest of the pattern exactly. It is also a super soft Caron arcylic yarn.
They turned out so pretty and most importantly comfy. Perfect for these aching hands!!
Thanks ladies!!


Rhonda said...

Those are just darling.

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