Saturday, December 12, 2009

The easy way to craft in Christmas

I haven't seemed to be able to accomplish much this Christmas season. We are reading aloud and counting down, but basically I have been overwhelmed and quite unproductive.
Which brings me to this post.
The minimalist Christmas crafting--caused by a tired momma!

We had another fun morning at Lowes, enjoying the Build and Grow program.
Today Daddy had to work, so I took Mark and Grace to Lowes and we made some very cute Christmas decorations. (I think I get bonus points for managing on to help build 4 things with NO mess-ups)
Above is the Lowes Christmas tree decoration.
I just love these little picture frame decorations.

Remember to check with a Lowes close to you----this weekly program is totally FREE!!
The other crafts we are doing are from Oriental Trading Company.
They are the perfect crafts for a variety of ages and, most importantly, everything needed is in a little plastic bag--ready to go!
These little bead and button icicles are super easy and very cute.
I also see that they are sold out.
I am glad I order these a few months ago!
Kimberly thinks these would make great earrings.
They looks very lovely on the tree.
Open a package, follow the directions, hang up the ornament, and through away the scraps.
This seems to be the only crafting I am capable of creating this year, but it makes the kids happy, mommy sane, and the final products are great!

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Rhonda said...

Those frames are so cute! Great job y'all!