Monday, December 14, 2009

A Homemade Fleece Gingerbread House Blanket

About 2 months ago I was looking through the Oriental Trading company catalog and came across this very cute Gingerbread house tied fleece craft blanket. It is now sold out (I expect because it was on sale for $5.00) but here is a link to some of the other fleece craft blankets and pillows.
It was soooo simple. The edges were pre-cut, so all Grace and Mark had to do was tie the edges together.
It took them about an hour--they needed to take a few breaks,
it is perfect for the back of our couch during this wonderful Christmas season.
Great job, Mark and Grace!!


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Rhonda said...

So cute! I would love to have one of those draped across the back of my couch during the holidays.

Katie said...

Adorable I love making those fleece blankets!