Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen--Christmas Rice-Krispie Balls

You can't get much easier that these yummy little Christmas treats!
We mixed up the regular rice-krispie treat recipe, and then turned them into something for Christmas.
Of course, butter is a favorite part of these treats...
along with the marshmallows.
It is tough stirring , but Gracie got the job done.
We mixed some pretty Christmas candy sprinkles into the rice-krispie treats at this time.
Now is was time to butter our hands--a very important step in the process of these messy balls.
I gave each child a bunch of goo and they formed it into a ball.
A perfect face
Messy and sticky--but a lot of fun!
I finally decided that I need to make the balls, hand them to the kids and they rolled them into sprinkles.

This would be the clean-up commitee!

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