Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Toddler School-Stop and Go & Farm Animals

We had some "red light, green light" fun a few days ago. Kim and Luke love it when we are stopped in traffic. They watch for the light to change and yell out "Green--Go!"
So we put red and green construction paper over a state fair paper fan, labeled it STOP and GO and then expected the children to follow the proper "red light green light" rules.
They didn't follow the rules though, so we played....
take turns holding the sign while everyone else ran around and yelled a lot. (Kim and Luke did consistantly get the colors correct-so I guess the colors red and green where reinforced.)
They also learned what to do when Mommy yelled "FREEZE!"
And as you can see, Kimberly is exceptionally good at "freezing."
The barn and farm animal printout proved to be much calmer and also contained a good deal of educational content. I found a great new site called Kizclub, and it contains tons and tons of free, very cute printables for our youngest learners.

You could use it for phonics, and beginning reading. We used it as a prop to accompany the singing of Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
Gracie changed the animal as we sang the song so that Kim and Luke had to name the animal and then make the animal sounds. They loved this, and we have played it over and over (and over) again.

You have got to love free activities to keep the littles busy and learning.

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