Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Author Fiesta-Crinkleroot

One of our favorite Jim Arnosky characters is his beloved Crinkleroot-Nature Guide. Mary had the great idea to have Crinkleroot serve as a guide for our very own nature exploration. She posted a link to a great printable Crinkleroot that I printed on cardstock, cut it out and taped to a popsicle stick.
Mark, being 8 years old, felt he was too old to carry around a puppet, so he decided he would make sticks marked "good" and "bad", and use them to label things we found outside.
He found garbage on the ground, documented it, and then he cleaned it up!
Crinkleroot found snails and pillbugs,
beautiful goldenrod,
and even took time out to play on the swingset.
Gracie felt that the birdfeeder most certainly should be labeled "good" even though it is out of seed.
A daddy longleg spider and
another spider friend-GOOD
old tin can-BAD
A yummy apple ready to pick
A BAD Dunkin Donut cup
lovely autumn leaves
Crinkleroot found a big turkey feather and shared it with Grace.
I believe that Kimberly is still holding Crinkleroot and looking for nature.

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Cay G. said...

These are so cool, Joann. :)