Monday, September 1, 2008

First day of school/last day of summer picnic

Well, we got down to some serious schooling today. Officially we started the new year, and from the looks of the concentration that Grace and Mark were displaying this morning-it was very serious business.

But, we could only be studious for so long, so by this afternoon....
we were ready for some end of summer fun.
First, we enjoyed lovely hors d'oeuvres prepared by Grandma. Even Gracie's dolls enjoyed the goodies.

Then we gathered around a campfire in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. It was a perfect day.

For the past two years, Grandma has wanted everyone to enjoy cooking a hotdog on a stick over a fire. She has very fond memories of her and her parents doing this when she was a little girl. I did remind her that her family at the time consisted of 3 people, whereas, we would be arriving with 12 people ( make that 13-Matt's girlfriend Alexis joined us)

I guess Daddy didn't feel that the normal, ordinary fire was good enough for this hotdot feat, so he added a "little" kick to the fire.
As you can see, we did it. And everyone is smiling and it was very fun. Gracie kept remarking how happy she was because "everyone" was with us today. As the kids grow-up there are fewer times like this when everyone is available to join us for a fun filled afternoon.

Look closely at the previous photo......
Grandma is a non-stick holding trickster---just posing for the picture.LOL She did grab a stick and hotdog when the congestion around the fire thinned out.

Matt and Alexis were a little late arriving, so they earned their own picture.
Grandpa and Gracie spending special time together.
Luke and Grace walking the "dog".

Youngest and oldest
I just love dirty faces, which is good, because there are usually an awful lot around here.
Hotdogs finished, it was on to s'mores. Matt helping out Luke.

Yummy and dirty
Just plain dirty( and quite hyper)
Laura's catch of the day.
as the fire goes out on another beautiful summer.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day!! Everyone looks happy. Hope school is as fun for all. Kim

Lisa said...

Very nice pic series. Good Luck on your new school year!

Rhonda said...

Looks like a wonderful ending to your summer vacation and a great beginning to a new year!

Lisa said...

What a great "walk" through your day! You have such a beautiful family! I love oldest/youngest photos, and it's so wonderful to have grandparents in the album, too. You're right ~ this time ALL together is so important! Farewell, Summer '09! Howdy, School Year '08-'09!

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous post! I'm loving the open fire pictures - simply mesmerizing.

Cay G. said...

These are the best summertime pictures ever, Joann. :)