Sunday, September 21, 2008

Author Fiesta-Crinkleroot Hats

Keeping in the Jim Arnosky nature theme, and wanting to honor our favorite nature guide, Crinkleroot, I made the four littlest kids "hiking hats". We plan to use them on all of our nature walks, especially this autumn, as we continue enjoying the Author Fiesta.
I planned to have a nature walk today, after reading Jim Arnosky's book, Wild Tracks. We were going to enjoy the predicted sunshine, look for animal tracks, study the autumnal flowers and wildlife. But, the clouds rolled in and a little mist occasionally fell, so we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house to help clean up their yard after our brush with hurricane Ike.The kids are really enjoying their hats. I used Simplicity #5540 as my pattern. I think they only cost about $3.00 each to make.
We had a frost a few nighs ago, but apparently the frost didn't hit the grapes, because they are still very sour.
Luke worked very hard cleaning sticks up in the yard, he also hasn't taken off his hat, except to sleep, over the past few days.
We did find this funny, upturned mushroom in the yard. Crinkleroot would be proud of our observation skills.
"You are supposed to be working, Mark!"
Kimberly takes a break.


stef said...

Wow, I love the hats!!! And all the lovely pics... your kids are adorable:)

JoAnn said...

The hats are great. I am a huge Arnosky fan. I came to your blog by way of The Simple woman's daybook list. Your blog is wonderful!

Teresa said...

Great hats :) Makes me want to dig out my hat patterns and fabric, but I'm better off enjoying looking at yours instead! God bless.

mum2twelve said...

Wow - can you come to my house and teach me to sew. I tried making a Holly Hobby hat for one of kids...
Emphasis on tried. Clearly there was something wrong with the pattern!