Monday, September 15, 2008

Author Fiesta-Jim Arnosky for the littlest

While the older kids are enjoying the nature study that Jim Arnosky encourages, my littlest kids have been enjoying the many books written for our youngest students.Here is a list of Jim Arnosky's books that are suitable for the toddlers among us.

We have been enjoying Crinkleroot's Animals That Every Child Should Know books. Sadly, these books are out of print, but many library systems have them available.
To make this book a little more hands on for Luke and Kimberly, I searched through our animal bucket and found most of the animals featured in the book. We were missing a few of the animals, so I searched around the house and found pictures of the missing mammals.
We looked at the page and named the animal in the book and then looked for the matching animal among the pictures and toys I had set out. During this time we also made the animal's sound and crawled around and acted like the creature.
This also served as a good lesson in taking turns. Something that has to be learned, and learned, and learned. There is nothing worse than a 2 and 3 year old diving on top of each other as they moo like a cow!


Jessie Mae said...

Sounds like a book Elsie would love! We'll have to see if our library has it. Thanks for sharing and THANK YOU for the prayers!

Renee said...

Joanne, your author fiestas are fabulous! I love to visit your blog and see who you are celebrating next. What fun in your home! And that chocolate chip cake! Ohhhhhhhhhh.....I'm smitten! hee hee